"I am Jonas Rathenow, a german who came to Costa Rica to learn, love and to live the 'Pura Vida!'.

I first came to Costa Rica in '91 while being on a family vacation visiting my uncle, who had moved to Costa Rica after buying a small hotel on the beach at Playa Brasilito. We came back year after year, travelling across the country and exploring the rainforests, volcanoes and lonely beaches. When not exploring the countryside, we kids (3 of us) spent our time playing in the jungle looking for snakes, tarantulas and iguanas or snorkeling around the reefs catching fish, octopus and lobsters.

Since the first day I came to Costa Rica, I fell in love with this welcoming country, its people and outrageous natural beauty. In 2001 I moved to Costa Rica to work for one of Costa Rica's biggest Tour Companies, guiding visitors to National Parks and Reserves. During this time I learned a lot about Costa Rica; its Wildlife, Plants and the different Ecosystems.
Unexpectedly, my uncle got sick and needed my help to administrate his hotel, the restaurant and his private ranch in the closer neighborhood. So, I ran the hotel for years and learned about the hospitality business and a lot of other things between the restaurant and a ranch with 50 horses. I also studied at the local university - business administration majoring tourism :) During that time the real estate boom started and quickly a buyer for the hotel was found and I got offered a Job in a totally different business: Real Estate Development. It was the beginning of 5 interesting years of working closely with big develoments, lawyers, investors and successfully marketing the beautiful lands of Costa Rica's coastline. It was a fun time and certainly an experience, but I more and more recognized that I had been navigating far away from what I am passionate about:
Nature and Adventure!

Today, I am as happy as I could be...having 2 adventurous boys with my beautiful costa rican wife and being able to promote Costa Rica's real richness! There are not many places on earth where you will be able to live true adventure around nature in such a pure, safe and friendly environment. For me, there is nothing better than being out in the jungle listening to the sounds of nature, staring at glowing volcanoes, steaming rainforests and observing more different animals than you could ever imagine. Costa Rica has beaten many records when it comes to biodiversity, protection of its natural treasures and conserving its population's happiness! A small country with a gigantic heart!

My mission is sharing this passion with you and to take you on a journey to the most beautiful and magical places of Costa Rica and its people."

Sincerely yours,
Jonas Rathenow
Owner & Guide